Important Notices

1. We have noticed that there is an incident of impersonating of Mr. Ng Hung Sang, the Chairman of our Group, by falsely using and presenting the name of our Group’s Chairman and one of our Group’s subsidiaries, South China Securities Limited, on the website https://uk.linkedin.com/in/%E9%B8%BF%E7%94%9F-%E5%90%B4-658198238 (the “Website”) as our Group’s Chairman does not have any account opened with the Website.

We would like to make the public aware of the following:

i. The unidentified person (the “Fraudster”) representing himself being Mr. Ng Hung Sang on the Website is NOT the Chairman of our Group and any statement or representation posted on the Website representing himself as belonging to or in connection with our Group shall be false and fraudulent and the activities (if any) as set out within which are in no way related to our Group (the “Fraudulent Activities”);

ii. we will hold the Fraudster liable by pursuing all lawful means and legal proceedings in the event of any losses sustained by us or damage to the reputation of our Group as a result of the Fraudulent Activities as mentioned hereinabove;

iii. our Group will not be liable in any event for any and all damages, losses, costs and expenses suffered by any person of the public resulting from or incidental to the Fraudulent Activities.  It is strongly recommended that the public be more alert and exercise extreme caution in terms of any alleged investment opportunities solicited purportedly in the name of the Chairman of our Group or any other directors of any member of our Group; and

iv. Our Group hereby solemnly condemns such illegal behaviours and reserves all its legal rights. 

2. For Mainland Investors Northbound Trading of Stock Connect: Amendment to the rules in relation to restricting Mainland investors from Northbound Trading under Stock Connect with effect from 25 July 2022, and the one-year transition period will be expired on 23 July 2023.  During the transition period, Mainland investors with CHN as the country or region issuance of Broker-to-Client Assigned Number (CHN BCAN) could still buy and sell China Connect Securities through Northbound Trading under Stock Connect with the registered CHN BCANs.  From 24 July 2023, Mainland investors shall not proactively buy any China Connect Securities through Northbound Trading under Stock Connect (including subscription for right issues) and existing China Connect Securities held by Mainland investors could be sold only.  If the client has obtained any identity documents issued outside Mainland China, please provide us a copy for record to keep the existing CHN BCANs.

3. The Hong Kong Investor Identification Regime and the Over-the-counter Securities Transactions Reporting Regime will be launched on 20 March 2023:  Client (for individual clients only) can simply provide the account number and mobile phone number (registered in the account) and confirm the consent by clicking this linkIf client disagrees, withdraws or fails to confirm consent before 20 March 2023 South China Securities Limited (“SCSL”) can only provide limited services (please refer to the “Client Consent under the Investor Identification and Over-the-counter Securities Transactions Reporting Regime”).  

4. Please note that we have changed our business strategy, with effect from 31st January 2024, we will only provide online trading services for US Stocks and After-hours Futures Trading.

    If you have any enquiries for the aforesaid arrangements, please contact Customer Service Hotline at 2111 2222.

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