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 provide the unprecedented tailor-made personalized wealth management services by continuously sourcing bespoke products and services on a global-wide basis for creating, enhancing, securing our clients’ wealth as well as achieving sustainability of their wealth.

Our Advantages


Insurance companies offering various insurance products







Average client net-worth

HK$9.8 Million

Clients with net-worth over 10 Million



A History of providing financial services for

35 years

Listed on HKSE for

30 years

Demand-driven customised services, working closely with a wide range of product service providers in different regions and industries to provide flexible and diversified financial solutions to fully support customers for achieving their objectives.

Corporate Finance SolutionsPersonal Finance Solutions

Listed Company Services

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • ESG Report Consultancy
  • Financing Consultancy
  • Independent Financial Advisory
  • Preparation of regular announcements and reports

Private Corporate Services

  • Private Equity and Venture Capital
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Due Diligence
  • Pre-IPO Strategic Consultancy
  • Financial Advisory

Private Wealth Management

Through the extensive capabilities of our professional team and tailor-made investment strategies, we are able to seize the right opportunities for our clients at the right time.

Dedicated relationship managers are committed to catering to the financial needs of each of our clients. Together with our multi-skilled team of specialists, we offer a comprehensive and tailor-made strategy as well as innovative investment ideas to suit our clients’ objectives and acceptance of risks.

We offer a wide range of premium financing plans and policy pledge loan solutions to enhance fund liquidity for agilely capturing every golden investment opportunity.

Private Wealth Management clients also enjoy the benefits of four business areas: Asset Management, Global Securities Markets, Wealth Management and Media Solutions.  From wealth creation, wealth enhancement, wealth protection, succession planning, new business financing to planning for the future, South China Private Banking offers tailor-made solutions to help clients seize the present and plan for the future.

  • Investment Organiser and Consultancy
  • Alternative Investment
  • Asset Accumulation and Preservation
  • Virtual Currency Investment
  • Investment migration
  • Succession Planning

Financial Advisory

  • Market Reports
  • International Roadshows
  • Analyst Reports
  • Media Planning
  • Public Relations for Listed Companies

Family Governance Consultancy

  • Family Governance Consultancy
  • Family Legacy Strategy
  • Trust Funds
  • Life Planning

Employee Benefit Services

  • MPF Schemes
  • Business General Insurance Solutions
  • Office Package
  • Group Medical Insurance
  • Corporate / Key Person Insurance
  • Public Liability

Corporate Insurance

Unlike other wealth management companies, we work with more than 26 insurance companies around the world. With our professional knowledge and expertise, we offer a wide range of corporate insurance policies selected by our professional team to our corporate clients with a one-stop risk management solution to protect their business assets.

A comprehensive employee benefits programme can enhance the sense of belonging of employees and effectively improve the operational efficiency of the business.

Senior management and decision makers play an important role in a successful corporation. We have tailor-made a comprehensive employee protection plan covering different levels of protection to ensure that corporate clients’ businesses are well protected and the potential risks are mitigated.

  • MPF Plans
  • Group Medical Insurance
  • Corporate / Key Person Insurance
  • Business General Insurance Plan
  • Public Liability Insurance 
  • Office Package Insurance

South China Media

Founded in 1977, South China Media has been dedicated to creating and operating a wide range of media brands to reach every household in Hong Kong.  Over the years, South China Media has become one of Hong Kong's leading media groups.  The brands are categorised into four genres, namely women, men, finance and family.

With precise market positioning and strong resources, South China Media has successfully transformed into a new digital era with over 40 years of media experience, interacting with its target audience, engaging in real-time dialogues and focusing on customer experience.

  • Campaign Planning
  • Digital Content Marketing
  • Print Media
  • Multimedia Production Services

Family Governance Consultancy

  • Family Governance Consultancy
  • Family Legacy Strategy
  • Trust Funds
  • Life Planning