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Our Dedicated Service

Your Best Partner Stay Committed To Your Goals

We are customer-oriented. Our dedicated team of wealth management experts offers you tailor-made comprehensive and reliable investment plans. With continuous adjustment and optimization, we are able to respond to the ever-changing market situation, enabling you to plan ahead. With our professional while flexible financial service platform, we look forward to guiding you through your wealth management journey, and achieve your financial goals.

Comprehensive Product Coverage

We are committed to meeting different customer needs in investment, wealth management and wealth protection. More than 3,200 funds, various insurance products of nearly 26 insurance companies, more than 2,300 bonds, futures, stock products and overseas property sales, will be available to you at South China Financial. With such wide range of products, we cover all your needs with an all-round way of support.

Various Insurance Products of Nearly 26 Insurance Companies

More than 2,300 Bonds

More than 3,200 Funds

Average Net Worth of Clients

Assets Under Management (AUM) of High Net Worth Clients

Enjoy comprehensive services and more diversified investment products

The average net worth of customers reaches 9.8 million