Discretionary Service

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Discretionary Service


The discretionary account will actively invest and allocate assets for the client according to the investment strategy and market environment formulated with the client, striving to earn the maximum return with the minimum risk.

Advantages of South China

  • Investment strategy
    According to the client's total asset value, risk orientation, investment goals and household expenditure, jointly formulate an appropriate investment strategy with the client. Diversified investment allocation, including stocks, futures, options, new shares, bonds and funds. Comprehensive risk management.
  • Investment Execution
    Through online trading, customers will receive real-time trading SMS, and can log in to their personal online accounts to view the latest position portfolio. Regularly issue daily statements (if there are transactions on the day) and monthly statements for inspection.
  • Investment evaluation
    Regularly meet with clients to report and analyze investment performance. Optimize investment strategies in response to market conditions and customer needs.