US Stocks

Introduction & Trading Hours

South China offers online US stock trading platform which covers over 100 sectors on the NYSE, AMEX and Nasdaq in the US.

  Trading Hours Settlement Date Stock Exchange
US Stocks Summer Time: 21:30 – 04:00 T+2
  Winter Time: 22:30 – 05:00


Please be informed that the Trading Schedule for US Thanksgiving Holiday is as follow:

28/11 (Thursday) NYSE Close (Holiday)
  Nasdaq Close (Holiday)
29/11 (Friday) NYSE Early close at 02:00 am (Saturday)
  Nasdaq Early close at 02:00 am (Saturday)


Why investing in the U.S. stocks?

More Investment options. Most of the Fortune 500 enterprises, such as Apple Inc. (AAPL), Facebook Inc. (FB), Wal-Mart (WMT)…etc., are listed in the U.S. markets.
Lower capital barriers of entry.There is no minimum share trading quantity for U.S. stocks trading. The minimum trading quantity of U.S. stock is one unit of share.
Tax-free from capital gains taxes for non-U.S. persons.


Important Notes for the U.S. Stock Trading

  1. Existing securities account holders are required to fill in the W8-BEN form to us in order to activate the U.S. stock trading service.
  2. The settlement currency for U.S. stock trades is US Dollars (USD).
  3. Short-selling service of the U.S. stocks is not available.


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