Electronic Initial public offering (eIPO)

Electronic Initial public offering (eIPO) Handling fee waived

eIPO offers a convenient channel to the customers to subscribe new issue shares. Now you can use South China online IPO services to apply an IPO, and South China Financial will waive handling fees during the promotion period. The cut-off time of subscription will be 12:00 noon the day before the official deadline. The total subscription amount will be directly debited from the account on the date the application closes. Allotted shares will be credited to the stock balance of the account on the allotment date.

The application procedure is as below:

Clients can simply log on to their trading accounts, choose "Apply IPO" and key-in the subscription number of shares and other details.


IPO Margin Financing Services

South China Securities offer IPO financing to our customers at a competitive interest rate. We can lend up to 90% of the value of shares you subscribed for, thus leveraging your buying power. Please contact our customer service hotline 2111-2222 for more details.

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