HK Stock & A-Shares Real Time Quote Monthly Services (Snapshot Quotes)

  1. Free 100 clicks per month
  2. Monthly Bonus Clicks: Online clients with a monthly turnover of HKD50,000 or RMB equivalent, will be given an additional 100 clicks for the following month.

Additional Clicks Monthly Subscription Plan

Plan A HKD$50 per month 500 clicks
Plan B HKD$100 per month 1,000 clicks + 50 bonus clicks
Plan C HKD$200 per month 2,000 clicks + 150 bonus clicks



  1. After the first 100 Real-Time Snap Shot Quotes clicks are used, the subsequent clicks are delay quotes (at least 15-minutes delay).
  2. Unused first 100 Real-Time Snap Shot Quotes will be forfeited at the end of each month whereas additional clicks under the monthly subscription plan will be carried forward to the following month.