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South China Financial Holdings Limited Overview
South China Financial Holdings Limited ("SCFH") (Stock Code: 00619) was founded in 1988 by three reputable investment experts. SCFH specializes in finance and investment and enjoys wide recognition from the market and its customers. Listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in July 1993, SCFH provides all-rounded and comprehensive financial services, including securities, foreign exchange, bullion, financial futures and global commodities broking and trading, through traditional and online trading platforms. It also offers corporate finance, assets management, corporate advisory and underwriting services. Its quality services and prudent management have quickly gained customers' trust and reliance and its business coverage has extended to China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and the United Kingdom.

The business of the South China Financial Holdings Limited includes:

South China Securities Limited
South China Securities Limited (SFC CE No. AAA874) is a member of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and a registered Hong Kong securities dealer. It performs actively in the Hong Kong stock market and in securities dealing in Britain and Southeast Asia. South China Securities Limited with string professional team and branch office network located in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories, South China Securities limited ("SCSL") provides our private retail and high net worth clients with stock, options and other securities products brokerage services. SCSL also provided general share margin and IPO financing services.

South China Commodities Limited
South China Commodities Limited (SFC CE No. AAF640) is a participant of the Hong Kong Futures Exchange and a licensed commodities dealer in Hong Kong. It is an active trader of Hang Send Index futures and option contracts, and also provides an advanced, comprehensive and user-friendly electronic trading platform for global stocks indices, foreign exchange, and commodities futures contracts of major exchange around the world.

South China Bullion Company Limited
South China Bullion Company Limited is a member of Hong Kong Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society. Our 24-hour trading service is comprehensive and very competitive in margin requirement, efficiency, dealing spreads, execution and fees. We are offering leverage Gold and Silver trading services in Loco London Gold and Silver, Sport, Forward and OTC Options as well.

South China Capital Limited
South China Capital Limited (SFC CE No. AAI635) an investment consultant registered in Hong Kong, providing a range of consultation services concerning corporate finance and related activities.

South China Research Limited
South China Research Limited (SFC CE No. AAI619) an investment consultant registered in Hong Kong. It produces and publishes up-to-date stock and economical analysis reports.

South China Securities (UK) Limited
South China Securities (UK) Limited - provides consultancy services for European investors regarding dealing securities.

Vision & Mission

Strategic Partnership
To facilitate rapid development and expansion of business into different sectors and markets, SCFH is aggressively developing strategic partnerships and alliances with a network of international vendors, suppliers and business partners. SCFH will join hands with companies that complement its competitive edge and core competence and extend its presence in other regions as well, bringing the highest value to its customers.

Management Team
SCFH is led by a strong and energetic management team, comprising veterans from various industries with diverse backgrounds. This team will use its experience to overcome challenges ahead and take advantage of opportunities, driving the company to a leading position in the ever-changing Internet world.


About is a financial website and portal developed by SCFH. One of the all-rounded financial trading platform in Hong Kong. offer electronic trading in such products as securities, foreign exchange, global commodities, futures & options, and bullion. provide reliable, update, expedient online trading platform.

Vision aims to revolutionize the way people perceive electronic trading of securities. By using cutting-edge technologies, lining up strategic partners around the globe and simplifying multi-currency settlement, South China Securities Ltd. redefines the way people look at financial investment, providing round-the-clock, hassle-free and seamless investment solutions.

Technology has invested significantly in its technical infrastructure and network configuration to ensure the stability and security of its on-line trading platform. It is committed to bringing into the market the latest technologies which allow an unprecedented creation capability of value-added services in terms of web-based financial services. We take full advantage of advances in mobile and information technology, including GPRS, 3G application.

Services is well-positioned to develop and operate e-trading services. Its clients can easily trade any stock or warrant listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong anytime, anywhere via the electronic channels provided by us (Internet, Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and Interactive Voice Respond System (IVRS).

Understanding the importance of timely and accurate news for investors, South China Securities Ltd. also provides a host of up-to-the-minute financial news and information, including real-time quote service, news from the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, and indices for all major stock markets. We offer exclusive, professional market commentary and analyses to investors.