Online Loan Application
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Online Loan Application(Only 5 minutes needed)

Please Fill in with English

Branch Address: Room 1209, 12/F, C.C. Wu Building, 302-308 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Please call 3898 0908 for inquiry
How much do you want to borrow?
Personal Details
Current Organization / Employer
Proof document required
Finacial Status
Private Loan and Revolving Loan Information
Credit Card Information
I / We declare that all information reported in this application form is true, correct and complete. I / We have obtained the consent of above advisor, provide their information for the purpose of this loan application. I / We also declare that I / we have no intention to apply for bankruptcy in the next 12 months. I / We also understand that South China Financial Credits Limited may be requested to provide the credit / credit record of my / our credit information to the address of the credit information agency if necessary.

I / We agree and authorize your company to:
  1. Disclose to any credit information agencies, banks, financial institutions, companies or other sources of information, to exchange all information about me / us and any information about me / our other accounts in your company;
  2. Contact the relevant credit information agencies to check my / our credit records and to obtain the relevant reports for the purposes of this loan application and the subsequent account review by your company, including but not limited to my / Telephone, online, fax or other company recognized the way to apply for a loan again. I / We understand and agree that your company may conduct such account review to determine whether the credit amount of me / us should be increased, reduced or maintained;
  3. Have absolute right to approve or reject my / our online loan application without any reason and without having to return a copy of the application document to me / us;
  4. Have the right to review and handle the loan application. Upon your approval, your company will inform me / us of the results of the application and the relevant lenders. Your company will also notify me / our relevant loan arrangements by email, telephone and confirmation letter or other means later;
  5. Transfer or deposit the approved loan amount to the account in accordance with the bank account (if applicable) designated by me / us at the time of the loan application;
  6. To collect information about my / our application for the purpose of this loan and I / we have been informed by your company that I / we may inspect and correct the personal information saved in your company or credit information agency; and
# Warning: You have to repay your loans. Don't pay any intermediaries.
  Money lender license number: 1655/2018
  Phone no. for enquiry or complaints: 3898 0908