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South China Financial Holdings Limited is committed to protect the privacy interest of those who have provided us with their information and to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. In doing so, we will ensure compliance by our staff with high standard of security and confidentiality.
South China Financial Holdings Limited understands that the privacy and security of your personal and account information are important to you. We adhere to confidentiality standards that are designed to protect your personal information. For further details, please refer to the “NOTICE TO VISITORS OF SCTRADE.COM WEB-SITE PURSUANT TO THE PERSONAL DATA (PRIVACY) ORDINANCE, CAP.486” as below
This notice sets out the policy and practice of South China Financial Holdings Limited ("the Company") in relation to the collection of personal data from persons visiting the web-site: ("the web-site").
From time to time it is necessary for persons trying to gain access to the web-site or part thereof to supply their personal data. The purposes which such data may be used are as follows:
  • For identifying the person visiting or browsing or gaining access to the web-site or that part of the web-site;
  • For statistical purpose;
  • For direct marketing purpose;
  • For meeting the requirements to make disclosure under the requirements of any legal and/or regulatory requirements or court orders binging on the Company; and
  • For purposes relating or incidental thereto.
Personal data collected will be kept confidential but the Company may provide, transfer, disclose or exchange such personal data to its holding company, subsidiaries, related companies and affiliated companies ("Group") and also such companies which have undertaken to keep such information confidential.
Under and in accordance with the terms of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Cap. 486 ("the Ordinance"), any individual has the right to:
  • Check whether the Group holds data about him/her and the right of access to such data;
  • Require the Group to correct any data relating to him/her which is inaccurate;
  • Ascertain the Group's policies and practices in relation to data and to be informed of the kind of personal data held by the Group.
In accordance with the terms of the Ordinance, the Group has the right to charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any data access request.
The person to whom requests for access to data or correction of data or for information regarding policies and practices and kinds of data held are to be addressed is as follows:
The Group Compliance Officer
South China Group
28th Floor, Bank of China Tower,
1 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong.
Telephone: 3796 8469
Fax: 2537 0203