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Contact Us

Contact Us
Customer Service Hotline*  (852) 2111 2222
China Toll Free No  4001 200 623
Global Futures/US Stocks  (852) 2111 2332
Bullion  (852) 3196 6200
Head Office*  (852) 2820 6333
Admiralty Branch*  (852) 3196 6233
North Point Branch*  (852) 2570 4422
Hung Hom Branch*  (852) 2330 5881
Yuen Long Branch*  (852) 2442 4398
Tsuen Wan Branch*  (852) 2614 1775


Office Hours*
Monday - Friday: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
is committed to delivering the highest levels of service to all our clients. Your valuable suggestion is one of the keys to improve ourselves and we look forward to hearing from you regarding your experience with We welcome your feedback and assure that your comments will be made available to the relevant departments.

Apart from sending us by email, you may write to or contact our Customer Service Center at:
South China Securities Company Limited
Customer Service Center
28/F, Bank of China Tower,
No.1, Garden Road, Central,
Hong Kong

Tel: (852)2111 2222
Fax: (852)3101 9200